BT-13 B-427

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Indonesia - Air Force BT-13

AIRCRAFT DESCRIPTION[edit | edit source]

Serial Number B-427 Status Valid
Manufacturer Name CONSOLIDATED VULTEE Certificate Issue Date
Model BT-13A Expiration Date
Type Aircraft Fixed Wing Single-Engine Type Engine
Pending Number Change None Dealer
Date Change Authorized None Mode S Code (base 8 / Oct)
MFR Year 1941 Mode S Code (Base 16 / Hex)
Type Registration LLC Fractional Owner
N Number

REGISTERED OWNER[edit | edit source]

City State
County Zip Code

AIRWORTHINESS[edit | edit source]

Type Certificate Data Sheet None Type Certificate Holder
Engine Manufacturer P&W Classification
Engine Model R-985 SERIES Category
A/W Date Exception Code

TEMPORARY CERTIFICATES[edit | edit source]

Certificate Number Issue Date Expiration Date

DEREGISTERED AIRCRAFT[edit | edit source]


HISTORY[edit | edit source]

Dates Event
1950 In 1950, newly independent Indonesia purchased a number of BT-13 'Vibrator' trainers from US war stocks. This one is now a popular siesta spot for DPS workers. Another is in the Air Force Museum in Yogyakarta

References[edit | edit source]

B-427 and picture credits